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Air conditioning suppliers in Houston may be required to offer customers better quality air conditioning due to new rules

HARRISON, Texas (AP) Air conditioning wholesaler Integrity Air Conditioning has begun offering a higher-end product in Houston because the city’s air conditioning standards are changing.The Houston Independent Contractors Association has said air conditioning is a quality issue and not a safety issue.Integrity says its new air conditioning products will provide a better air conditioning experience.Aldi, […]

Gas, wind turbines and solar power are poised to deliver more jobs in 2020 than coal and oil, a new report finds

Bloomberg January 12, 2020 12:10:55I’m still not quite sure why it was the wind that drove this country’s economic recovery.In the first quarter of this year, our country added a record-breaking 12.2 million jobs.That’s nearly twice as many as were added during the same period a decade ago.But that’s the opposite of what we need […]

How to save money with a geothermal air conditioner

I don’t believe I’m going to be able to buy a new home anytime soon.The price of oil has fallen so dramatically over the last few years that it’s actually become a little too expensive to run a business like mine.I have a friend who works for a local oil company who is going to […]

How to get rid of odors and smog that plague the West Coast

Geothermal air conditioners and refrigerators can help residents avoid odors, but they’re also subject to mercury levels that can reach 1,000 times the acceptable limit, a new study finds.Geothermal air conditions were once a key feature of California, with the state enjoying the lowest annual mercury levels of any state.But with the spread of fracking, […]

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