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Why do you think you’re not getting the air conditioning you want?

The Miami Heat are using an air conditioning tool that’s a $15,000 appliance that can blow out air.They’ve spent $1.2 million on the tool, which costs less than $20 per hour to operate.It’s the same thing you can buy online for about $20.And it’s used every day.But the Heat has been working with a Florida […]

McLaren will introduce the world’s first air-conditioned supercar with no air conditioning

By Andrew Langer McLaren has confirmed that it will launch the world first supercar without air conditioning.The British company has been working on the new McLaren P1 with its air conditioning solution for some time, but McLaren said it had now decided to move on to its new supercar.“As McLaren continues to work with its […]

How to use a classic air conditioning system

I had heard the myth that a Classic Air Conditioning system (CACS) is a luxury product, but it turned out it was actually an essential service for my family, thanks to the CACS I was using for the past eight years.My family and I live in a small town and my daughter is a school […]

How does this affect the economy?

RTE 1:19PM ET | In this episode of The RTE Morning Show, David Braben explains how he thinks a new generation of consumers will feel about the economy in the next few years.He also examines the impact that the EU referendum will have on business in the UK.The BBC has posted the full programme in […]

When the Obama administration won’t allow the air conditioning to run: How air conditioning works

Breitbart News has learned that the Obama Administration won’t let the air conditioner in your home run when it is running.The Obama administration recently announced that it would stop requiring air conditioners to be air conditioned, even though the average American uses them all the time, for their full value.It is an amazing example of […]

Why I love air conditioning at my new apartment

It’s easy to forget how cool it can be to have a cozy, air-conditioning-free living space in your new apartment.With that said, there are definitely times when a cool, airy space in a condo or apartment building is a good idea, and we’re here to help.Read More .Air conditioners are great, but they’re not the […]

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