How to buy an air conditioner that can keep your apartment cool in the winter

A winter condo in Vancouver, B.C., is often called a “winter home,” and the condo owners often complain about cold air.

But in some parts of the world, the heat is starting to come off, too.

“We are living in an age of climate change, and people are going to need air conditioning,” says James Siberski, the owner of the apartment-cum-coffeeshop located in a historic downtown building.

“I think in Canada we are going in the wrong direction.

We need to look at our homes.”

Sibersky, a self-described “mixed-use, low-carbon” developer, says he’s started installing air conditioning systems in his condo in the hopes that the climate change will help him keep his tenants comfortable.

“It will be nice to not have to leave the office in the middle of the night, so we don’t have to go to the coffee shop for an espresso.

It’s going to be nice not having to go out in the cold,” SibERSki says.

The climate change is happening as climate-controlled apartment buildings are being replaced by condos with much more space.

The problem is that condo owners aren’t being given the option to buy air conditioning and keep their apartments cool.

“They are not getting the option, because we don´t have any,” Sibi says.

SibERSKI says he has installed two air conditioning units in his unit since the summer of 2018, and the temperature has gone up by 20 degrees in just a year.

“There is nothing we can do about it,” he says.

“If it wasn’t so bad, I wouldn’t have gone ahead with the air conditioning.”

A couple of condo owners in Vancouver have started installing their own air conditioning in their apartment, and it is a success story.

“People are coming up to me saying, ‘This is a huge benefit,'” says SibERKSki.

“This is going to keep us cool in Vancouver,” he adds.SIBERSKIS says his condo has been insulated for two years, but he still has a bit of a cold streak, because of the low temperature.

He’s also been noticing a trend of people getting sick.

“There is definitely more cases of respiratory illnesses that we have seen in the past month,” he said.

Sibi says he doesn’t expect the air conditioners to make a huge difference to his unit’s air temperature, but there are definitely a few people who are enjoying the warm summer air.

“People are looking at us like we are a very special building,” SIBERSKI says.

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