What you need to know about the Smith Air Conditioning fire: What you should know about its origin and what you can do to protect yourself

In a fiery and dangerous fire, it’s easy to forget that an entire house is at risk.

And that fire spread so quickly that only about 30 minutes later, everyone who lives on the property was evacuated.

Firefighters quickly found themselves with little choice but to abandon the building to fight the blaze.

They quickly realized the building was on fire because the air conditioner in the living room had malfunctioned.

The smoke from the condensers was so thick, firefighters were forced to abandon that room.

The building was so badly damaged that the entire hallway was destroyed.

The walls were scorched, and there were many holes and debris in the hallways.

As firefighters began removing the debris, they discovered that the fire was spreading.

Firefighters arrived to find the house engulfed in flames.

The entire structure was destroyed, including the kitchen and living room.

Fire officials estimated that about 1,200 people lived in the house at the time.

At the time, the home had been vacant for five years.

It was an unfortunate incident that left the entire neighborhood and the surrounding community in mourning.

But firefighters from many other fire departments responded to the scene, and in an emergency, they were able to battle the fire and clear the neighborhood.

The firefighters did so by working in pairs, working from a staging area that had been set up for one person.

In this case, the two firefighters were assigned to the two floors of the building.

One firefighter was assigned to work on the top floor, while the other was assigned the lower floor.

The two firefighters moved forward through the house on foot, with the help of a fire truck.

When the fire department arrived, it was already too late to save the people in the home.

Firefighters and paramedics were quickly dispatched to the home and the people inside.

The people who were inside the house were treated for smoke inhalation and smoke damage, but they were all accounted for and returned to their homes.

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