Air Conditioning certification tests are on for the 2018-19 season

A major air conditioning test for Australian cars will start later this month and will be the first time in more than a decade the Australian market has been subjected to the test.

The test will be run for the first two weeks of next year in Sydney and Melbourne and will cover the Australian and international markets.

It will also be the third time in five years that air conditioning systems will be tested in Australia.

Under the new rules, all cars from 2019 and later are expected to be equipped with air conditioning, including the 2018 Toyota Corolla and 2019 Audi A4, which will be allowed to drive in the country under new regulations.

In total, 10,000 cars will be subject to the testing.

Australia is the only major market in the world to have been tested for air conditioning by the Australian Air Vehicle Certification Centre, or ACVAC.

ACVAC is run by the ACMA, which regulates the country’s air vehicles.

While it will be a long wait, Australia will now be able to start taking on the challenge of complying with the new regulations, which have been in place since 2018.

“I’m delighted that ACVac will finally be able bring air conditioning testing to Australia, because this is a great opportunity to test the standards that are already in place in Australia and in other countries,” ACVCC chief executive Richard Wills said.

Air conditioning testing in the US is already being conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, which is also taking part.

AACVCC was launched in 2018 to certify all air vehicles in Australia under the new US air vehicle standards, which are designed to make it easier for manufacturers to meet emissions and safety standards.

There is currently a shortage of certified vehicles for the US market, with only a handful available to be sold in the United States.

As a result, the AAVC has been looking for an alternative to the US tests.

Currently, the US testing standards require vehicles to be at least five years old, be built at least 15 years ago and have a combined fuel economy of between 17 and 18 mpg.

However, AAVAC is now testing vehicles for five years, which means it will no longer be required to be built or have a fuel economy rating over 18 mpa.

Its next step will be to test vehicles for 20 years.

Meanwhile, in Canada, a test for the 2019 Mazda6 will be held from March 8-18.

Canada has been one of the hardest hit by air conditioning standards.

The country’s emissions regulations have been changed to take into account the fact that air conditioners now emit less CO2 than cars.

That change was made after two years of research and testing by the country and the World Health Organization.

According to the latest Canadian air vehicle regulations, the new air conditioner must be a standard model, be certified and have an air conditioning rating of at least 18 mPa.

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