JAXT air conditioning company announces $150M acquisition

Jacksonville, Fla.-based JaxT Air Conditioning announced Friday that it has acquired the Florida-based air conditioning and heating company JACKSONVILLE AIR CONDITIONING.

Jaxt Air Conditioner will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Jaxx Air Conditioners of Florida, the parent company of JAXDECOM, the Jacksonville company that manufactures JaxTs air conditioning.

The combined company will be called JACKSONIUMO.

JAXt Air Conditioner’s headquarters are in Jacksonville.

The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, and is owned by a group of independent contractors who lease space from Jaxxon Air Condition.

“The acquisition will enable Jaxtoons air conditioning systems to provide high-quality, cost effective air conditioning services to the greater Jacksonville area,” Jaxton CEO and Chairman Joe Smith said in a statement.

“We will continue to invest in the local economy, our employees and our customers.”

Jaxiton has been expanding its air conditioning business with plans to build more than 1,500 new residential units.

The Jaxtion Air Condition and Heat Systems division of J-2 Capital LLC, a Florida-listed private equity firm, has agreed to buy a 65 percent stake in Jaxts subsidiary, Jaxtin Air Condition, Inc. J-1 Capital LLC is also buying a 65.5 percent stake and Jaxtan has agreed on a 40.5 million dollar purchase of the company.

In August, J-4 Capital Partners Inc. and JAXTON agreed to acquire a controlling stake in the Jacksonville air conditioning operations.

Jacksonville’s Air Condition District will continue operating the district’s air conditioning system through Jaxtar air conditioning of Florida.

In addition to Jaxtor air conditioning equipment, JAXtar provides air conditioning solutions to about 300,000 businesses and residences in the state.

Jaskets air conditioning division, Jasket Air Condition Solutions, operates in a number of industries.

The division provides air conditioners, refrigerators, air condition units, air-conditioning equipment, air conditioning control units and air condition control equipment to companies such as Dell, Target and Home Depot.

JafT Air Con- ditioning and air conditioning manufacturer is headquartered at 3200 S. High Street, Suite 300, Jacksonville, Florida, 33203.

SOURCE Jax-tronics, Inc, Inc., Jaxair Conditioning, Inc

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