Air Conditioning to get a boost from new California law

The California Air Resources Board is expected to approve a major expansion of air conditioning services in the state’s Central Valley, but there is some resistance from some cities that the expansion will cause more climate change.

The board is expected Tuesday to approve an expansion of the state-run Central Valley Air Conditioner Program, which has provided air conditioning in some of the poorest communities in the Central Valley for decades.

The program covers about 1.3 million households in Fresno, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Kern County and Los Angeles.

It was designed to provide air conditioning for about a quarter of the households in the region, and has been expanding its service since at least 2010.

It also has been expanded to include people who live in rural communities in Kern County, including Fresno.

The expansion would see the program expand to cover a total of 2.3 counties, including the Central, Central Valley and Fresno areas.

It will also provide air conditioners in San Joaquin, Sacramento and Fresno.

A new law signed by Gov.

Gavin Newsom in January mandates that air conditioning be installed in buildings that are at least 20 years old.

Newsom said the new law was needed because the current system is outdated.

The new air conditioning law requires air conditioning to be installed where it is safe to do so and to be accessible.

The air conditioner must be capable of keeping the house warm, cool and safe from moisture, which can affect indoor air quality, according to the new bill.

The bill also requires that the program be updated to ensure that all residents have air conditioning on their homes, and that air conditioning be installed when needed to avoid the need to install new equipment.

The air conditioning program is part of a broader air pollution control program that has been implemented in California since 2011.

It was expanded under the Healthy Homes and Communities Act, which required the state to build and maintain the air conditioning system in buildings where air conditioning was previously available.

The Healthy Homes Act was passed in 2017 and became effective Jan. 1, 2018.

It also requires local governments to have air condition and water heater systems.

It includes a $1 million cap on the program’s annual operating costs.

The cap is designed to cover costs for installation of new equipment and maintenance.

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