Air conditioning contractor to get $2.5M contract to supply power for $1.5 million in New Jersey

An air conditioning contractor in New Brunswick, New Jersey, has signed a contract with the state to supply energy to homes that are being retrofitted to receive power from the state’s renewable energy portfolio, the New Brunswick Department of Public Utilities said on Wednesday.

In October, the company received an $800,000 contract for the installation of air conditioning systems in homes and businesses that have not yet been retrofitted with the solar energy that will come from the North American Solar Energy Initiative.

The project was first announced last year and is expected to be complete by the end of 2021.

The contractor will be paid an upfront rate of $5,000 per unit, which will be subtracted from the cost of the retrofit.

The company, which is not being named, said the project will also install solar panels on homes, businesses and parking lots in the state.

The contract is the first such contract to be awarded in the State of New Jersey for the retrofitting of residential buildings, according to a release from the department.

It is being offered through a program known as a competitive tender, which means that companies can submit bids for work and receive a competitive rate for that work.

The contractor is the third subcontractor to be selected for the project.

It was selected in February from a pool of three other companies.

The work will be performed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

The utility will pay for the work and will be responsible for providing the necessary services to homeowners and businesses who are eligible for retrofitting, the release said.

The state has more than 5,000 homes, offices and businesses in New Jerseys solar energy district.

It has also been awarded more than 1,300 renewable energy credits through the solar incentive program, which allows customers to buy credits from the federal government and receive tax credits on their electric bills.

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