Texas Air Conditioning Industry Could Be Forced to Pay $10,000 in Settlement for Flooding

Flooding has been occurring in many areas of Texas in recent days.

The problem has been compounded by the state’s severe weather, which has been accompanied by heavy rainfall.

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The flooding in and around Corpus Christi has caused severe damage to homes, businesses and transportation infrastructure.

The storm has also forced the evacuation of many people.

Some have been forced to move out, but the flood damage has not been as extensive as in Houston.

A $10 million settlement could be the largest settlement in Texas history, according to the Texas Tribune.

The settlement was reached in response to a lawsuit filed in June by the American Civil Liberties Union, which alleged that the Texas Department of Transportation and the state of Texas are liable for the damage caused by the flooding.

The ACLU argued that the state was negligent for not being able to prevent the flooding and that the plaintiffs’ property was improperly damaged.

The state settled with the ACLU for $10.8 million in September, but that settlement was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court in November.

The Tribune reported last week that the lawsuit could be appealed to the U and U. S. Supreme Courts.

The new settlement will be administered by the Texas attorney general’s office, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, and the Texas Attorney General’s Office, the Tribune reported.

In its decision, the U, S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit said that “the settlement is necessary for the protection of taxpayers and the State of Texas.”

The Tribune said the $10-million settlement includes “a payment to the state for damage caused to plaintiffs’ properties and other damages, the payment of costs and expenses related to the suit, and an award of attorneys’ fees.”

The Texas Supreme Court is expected to hear oral arguments in the case in March.

The latest flooding is being blamed on a combination of factors, including drought and a dry winter.

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