How much do you pay for an NHL player’s air conditioner?

The NHL has a contract with the Air Conditioning Industry Association of America (ACIAA) that guarantees players a minimum of $10,000 in annual rent and a maximum of $50,000 a year in total rent.

In 2015-16, that contract included $11.5 million in rent.

The ACIAA was founded in 2005, after the ACAA was created to make air conditioning a more affordable option for NHL players.

The ACIAAA has a membership that ranges from players to the coaches and equipment managers of teams and is made up of many different associations and companies.

The membership dues are paid out to the association and are not based on how much an individual player makes.

The players are eligible for rent in accordance with the salary cap, according to the ACIAa website.

The salary cap for the 2017-18 season was $64 million, which means the salary of the next highest paid player is $12 million, or about $1.8 million a year.

This means a player earning $7 million a season will earn $11,800 per month.

The next highest-paid player in the league is goaltender Martin Brodeur, who is making $13.5-million a year and making $11 million a month.

This year’s salary cap was $66 million.

A salary of $6.3 million would give the salary for the next lowest paid player in that position $8,600 per month, or $2,200 a day.

The number of players who are eligible to earn rent on their own is also subject to a salary cap.

The NHL salary cap will rise from $68 million to $72 million this season.

This number includes players with one year of experience.

The salaries for players with more than one year on the ice will be increased from $1,750 a month to $1 1,750.

The salary cap number for players that have played more than 15 games this season will also increase from $72 to $70 million.

For more information on the salary caps, check out the NHL website.

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