How to fix air conditioning problem

A man who suffered heatstroke after he got stuck in an air conditioning ventilator in a Bakersfield home has now died, authorities said.

John Deere said he was in his bed in his Bakersfields home on Sunday when he heard a thud and found himself in a ventilating unit with his legs bound.

Deere, 53, was rushed to the hospital, where he died.

Deere, who lived in the home on South Lassen Drive, said he tried to call 911 but couldn’t because the air conditioner was on a timer.

He said he thought the unit would stop when he was done breathing.

He told KHOU-TV that the ventilators are supposed to shut off at five minutes and 30 seconds.

But Deere was awakened by a thudding noise and realized he was still trapped in the unit.

“I was going to jump out of the window and I didn’t have a lot of time to jump, so I tried to get out the window,” he said.

The ventilations started working when he went to grab something from a shelf.

He tried to grab a phone, but he couldn’t.

He was stuck in the vent for three hours.

“My legs started to hurt,” he told KHON-TV.

“I thought I’d just get killed, but I don’t think I ever died, so it’s all good.”

He said he had an air conditionant on hand, but it wouldn’t help.

The air conditioners in the Bakersfords home have to be shut off after a person is put into the unit for five minutes, and the unit must be switched on for 30 seconds, according to the California Department of Public Health.

The man who died was identified as David Deere.

He has not been named by authorities.

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