What we know about air conditioning at Southern California resorts

By MATTHEW JONES, AP Air conditioning is a major part of the modern lifestyle.

But if you have to use it, there’s no denying how much you pay for it.

And the price is rising fast.

According to data from the National Association of Home Builders, air conditioning sales in California are up almost 20% since 2013.

That’s more than the state’s $5.5 trillion economy.

The trend is not only for the more modern air conditioning products.

The industry is growing faster than the economy.

In 2016, the NABBC estimated that there were 2.5 million air conditioning systems in the U.S.

The trend has prompted many companies to raise their prices, which have soared as high as $2,500 per square foot, according to industry estimates.

Some companies even started selling them for less than they cost to install.

Air conditioning is considered the lifeblood of modern American life.

It’s essential for keeping people cool in the winter and cool during the summer.

But it can be costly, requiring a whole lot of money and the risk of fire.

There’s a lot of talk about reducing air pollution and making air conditioning more efficient.

But some of the most important changes in air conditioning are not happening in California.

In the past decade, the industry has grown at a rapid pace.

But the industry is experiencing a new, tougher competition.

It faces a tougher environment than the past, when California was among the top states for air conditioning efficiency.

The state has the third-highest demand for air conditioners in the nation.

The average home with air conditioning now costs $3,400, up from $2.40 in 2011.

The average residential home costs $4,300, up 25%.

California also has the highest percentage of people who live in the city.

In 2017, it had nearly 1.2 million people, up more than 10% from 2016.

That means that, for every 10 people who move to the state, there are eight people who go to the city for work.

It’s not just the cost of air conditioning that is increasing.

There are also higher energy costs associated with building and maintaining the systems.

The NABBA predicts that the average cost of installing air conditioning will jump to $3.2 billion by 2030, from $1.6 billion in 2020.

That is a 15% increase.

The increase comes as the number of new homes that have air conditioning has skyrocketed.

The NABBE predicts that by 2030 there will be more than 5 million homes with air conditioner systems, an increase of 15%.

There are now more than 7.5m air conditioning units in use in California, up about 13% from 2017.

California’s air condition installation industry is expected to grow even faster.

The company estimates that there will only be a 1% annual increase in the amount of energy needed to maintain the systems over the next 15 years.

It expects to increase its energy consumption by 7.8% by 2030.

That increases to 11.1% in 2030.

For homes with more than 2,000 square feet of space, the increase in energy demand will be the biggest.

The new homes will have to be built to the new energy efficiency standards.

Air conditioners are more than just a source of cooling.

They are also an important component of the homes energy use, said Mike Roussos, a senior vice president at the American Home Builder Association, which represents the more than 6,000 air condition business owners in California and New York.

There is a tremendous need in California.””

And that is something that we are very proud of.

There is a tremendous need in California.”

The growth of air condition systems is leading to higher prices.

As air conditioning prices go up, so do the costs for maintaining them.

The cost of maintaining the equipment has been rising at an annual rate of more than 25% over the past five years.

The rising cost of maintenance is causing some of those companies to cut costs.

The Southern California Edison Air Conditioning Co. said last year it planned to slash its maintenance and upgrade costs by almost $2 billion over the coming five years, though it has not yet done so.

The Air Conditioners Manufacturers Association said it was cutting about $1 billion in maintenance costs over the same period.

The owners of a small air conditioning business in Santa Barbara, for instance, say they are cutting about 60% of their maintenance costs because of the increasing costs.

A big reason for the costs is that many of the people who use air condition units are not home owners.

And they are often people who are working from home, which means they don’t have the financial means to keep up with the equipment they need.

That makes it difficult for businesses to stay competitive.

Air Conditioners manufacturers in California say they have invested millions in improving air conditioning in

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