How ‘brave’ Colts fans are getting to see @ClevelandBrowns owner Jim Irsay in person

The Indianapolis Colts are in the middle of a new stadium construction project that has the team in the national spotlight and in the midst of a controversy.

Now, the team is putting the finishing touches on a massive outdoor plaza outside their stadium, and we’re about to see if that plaza will be a thing of beauty.

Aerial view of the Indianapolis Colts stadium.

(Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)A new plaza has been planned to honor the city’s history of fans, but what will be displayed there remains a mystery.

A photo posted by NFL (@nfl) on Jan 30, 2021 at 11:34pm PSTThe NFL’s new “Acela Plaza” will feature an expansive outdoor plaza that will host an array of events and activities for fans to take part in.

The plaza is being designed by AIA Architects and includes a plaza fountain, plaza seating and seating areas.

The plaza is expected to open to the public on Jan. 31, 2021.

The stadium’s current plan calls for the plaza to open on April 2.

A rendering of the Acela Plaza plaza.

(Image: NFL)As of Friday afternoon, the Indianapolis skyline was visible through the massive plaza as fans lined up to get tickets.

The area was largely empty for the first few hours of the project, but once the plaza was open to fans, the scene quickly changed.

The new plaza will have seating for about 1,000 fans.

A video posted by AIE Architects shows what the plaza will look like when it opens:As you can see, the plaza is huge, and the seating capacity is staggering.

The video shows the plaza seating capacity at 3,500 people.

That’s more than twice as much as the seating area of the new stadium.

The video also shows a portion of the plaza that includes the seating areas, with the video showing the area between the plaza and the stands, where fans can sit and watch games.

A video posted on YouTube shows a part of the stadium that has been constructed, which looks like this:While it may look empty, the video shows that fans can actually find seats for a good chunk of the seating.

A rendering of what the new plaza should look like shows what it should look with the new seating:The new seating area has also been designed to look like a plaza, with large outdoor tables and chairs, and a seating area that will house up to 200 fans.

This area will be the area fans will have the option to sit on as they watch games, with tables set up for up to 60 people.

A large portion of a large seating area at the Acelela plaza.

A map of the newly completed Acela plaza can be found here.

(Source: AIE)A rendering shows what fans will be able to see when the plaza opens.

(Credit: NFL via YouTube)Fans are already able to enjoy a variety of events at the new AIA plaza.

One of the main attractions will be The Hoosiers Classic basketball game, which is set to be held on Saturday, Jan. 23.

Fans can purchase tickets for $10, with $10 being the minimum.

Fans can also enjoy a “Barefoot Game” on Friday, Jan 20, where they will be allowed to take a free drink of water at the ballpark, and get to the games’ outdoor courts, which are located on a nearby parking lot.

The park is expected not to be as crowded as the current plaza, as there will be no additional seating and only a small seating area.

But fans will still have access to the outdoor courts and courts outside of the park.

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